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We are a small brand that was founded in 2018. D’Or has come a long way of researches and studies to give you the safest, clean, and elegant products made by hand. D’Or Skin Care was created by a black young woman to all black and non-black women. Our main purpose is to make you feel unique on your skin. We understand the importance and the impact that we have when we treat our self well first. Our products are made for your benefit no matter the type of skin. We are a business directed to women mainly although we will expand our vision towards man. We are committed to meet each customer expectation by sharing great informative tips , great  quality and quantity of product and prices.

Meet Dulce

Our founder, Dulce, is a young woman who dreamed about this brand. In a younger age Dulce used to make for herself and family DIYs of facial masks, facial scrubs, body scrubs, and other types of skincare.She was self-taught since her parent didn’t have secure finance to buy the products she wanted. 

Moving forward, Dulce moved out to England looking for better opportunities, where she could develop her language and skill. 

In 2018, tired of having skin problems a breakout, black spots, high pigmentation which crush her confidence, so she decides to create a brand to help young women like her to be and feel comfortable in your skin in a good or a bad day.

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Amazing price, the bottle is really stunning and it gives you the most beautiful glowing, plump and soft skin!!! it’s literally like having skin like a baby all over again!! defo recommend i’m in loooove!!!

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